Ambassadors of the Environment is an active, hands-on outdoor education program developed over the last 15 years by Jean-Michel Cousteau, Dr. Richard Murphy, and the education team at Ocean Futures Society. With programs all over the world, the core curriculum focuses on timeless, universal ecological principles applicable to all natural ecosystems in addition to location-specific subjects. The lessons participants learn about nature and sustainable living are relevant everywhere in the world.

The Ambassadors program spotlights topics such as:

  • Basic principles of ecology
  • Energy
  • Waste
  • Biodiversity
  • Ecological “jobs” of key species within ecosystems
  • Metaphors between human cities and natural ecosystems
  • Sustainability in nature and human communities
  • Environmental Conservation
  • Connections: person to person, creature to creature, land to sea, and present to future

The program also fosters confidence and creativity in its students through team building and challenge activities such as rock climbing and high ropes courses. Designed to connect participants of all ages with nature and inspire them to protect it, the program empowers each of its participants to take action to promote sustainable living in their communities at home, thus becoming Ambassadors of the Environment.

Our Goals:

  • To demonstrate the wonder of nature.
  • To develop knowledge of and respect for the environment.
  • To show how people depend on and impact the natural environment.
  • To inspire everyone to protect natural resources and to live in an environmentally responsible manner.
  • To empower people with the knowledge and resources to become Ambassadors of the Environment in their communities, advocating and promoting sustainable living.