The Global Olive Wreath

The Greeks considered the olive tree as the most valued gift to humankind, a symbol of peace, sustenance and life. In honor of the homecoming of the Olympic Games to Greece, the Athens Environmental Foundation created the “Global Olive Wreath” project. This project was a massive international effort to plant a Global Olive Wreath on earth as a living legacy of peaceful dedication to the Ancient Greek Olympic ideals as well as the modern Olympic ideal of environmental responsibility.


Oceans and Waters Public Awareness Programs

AEF will work with the Ocean Futures Society and the Earth Communication office and other organizations in the United States, the European Union and specifically Greece to develop and distribute Radio and Television Public Service Announcements (PSA’s) that stress the importance of preserving our water resources, oceans, seas, lakes and rivers. Ads may feature Olympians. The foundation created and published multi-language informational materials on the waters of Greece and the Mediterranean. It also distributed environmental materials to all residents and visitors to the Athens Olympics about fresh water and ocean preservation.